The Mike’s Mobile Pressure Wash team are always available for what ever your cleaning needs may be.

Whether it is Pressure Washing your own home and possessions, to giving your business or truck fleet that clean image that will put you one step above the rest, we are here to help! With 13 years of Pressure Washing experience, (3 years with the City of Calgary Corporate Properties Group and 10 years serving Calgary & area as MIKE’S MOBILE PRESSURE WASH) we have the know-how to make your world shine!  We also have 10 years of Graffiti Removal experience as well.

Our Mobile Pressure Wash System is top-of-the-line

3500PSI and capable of producing boiling hot water for Sanitization and disinfecting purposes. Add some detergent to the mix and we can make anything shine! We can either feed directly from a standard outdoor faucet, or fill up our tank and be fully self sufficient for those hard to get to locations.

Karcher Pump


Q. Do you use Detergents when you Pressure Wash?

A. Only when absolutely necessary do we use chemicals. Dirt, gum, and even grease can be cleaned with just hot water, but sometimes heavy oxidation can not.  90% of our washes can be completed using only hot water but when absolutely needed, we use an all natural, Eco-friendly chemical that works very well.

Q. How much experience do you have in this field?

A. Mike’s Mobile Pressure Wash was Founded in April of 2009, but we have over 11 years experience in the field of Pressure Washing & 8 years experience with Graffiti Removals.

Q. What type of Pressure Wash System do you have?

A. We operate a Top-of-the-line Karcher Skid Pressure Wash System that runs at aprox. 3200PSI and produces hot water with a diesel burner when needed.

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