Paint Stripping approximately 10 Barn yard buildings in preps for painting.

Pressure Washing the top layer of weathering off of several log buildings so they look fresh again. Bragg Creek, Alberta.

Many K-6 schools in Calgary have modules that were built in B.C and shipped out here to be placed.  These were shipped in the winter time and got pretty filthy from the highway journey.  This is us using Hot water to get them clean again.

A local storage facility in Calgary had some iced up and blocked catch basins.  Hot water and a 0° Tip took care of that problem.

We wash a good number of homes each year, and usually wash the lawn furniture and BBQ as part of the service.  These chairs were very weathered and stained but come clean again with a Hot water Pressure Wash.

Our turbo nozzle will remove any loose or semi-loose paint on wood or metal so the surface can be repainted again with out sanding.

Night time washing of a 100′ mesh banner

Took us all night to clean the copious amounts of gum from this store front entrance way