FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. Do you use Detergents when you Pressure Wash?

A. Only when absolutely necessary do we use chemicals.  Dirt, gum, and even grease can be cleaned with just hot water, but sometimes heavy oxidation can not.     90% of our washes can be completed using only hot water but when absolutely needed, we use an all natural, Eco-friendly chemical that works very well.

Q. How much experience do you have in this field?

A. Mike’s Mobile Pressure Wash was Founded in April of 2009, but we have over 9 years experience in the field of Pressure Washing & 6 years experience with Graffiti Removals.

Q. What type of Pressure Wash System do you have?

A. We operate a Top-of-the-line Karcher Skid Pressure Wash System that runs at aprox. 3200PSI and produces hot water with a diesel burner when needed.

Karcher Pump


Please take a minute to read up on the CALGARY DRAINAGE BY-LAWS and remember to be conscientious around
our storm sewers; They flow directly to our rivers! If ever in doubt, just give us a call; 90% of our washes can be
completed with out detergents, netting the same results using only HOT water!


  • I used Mike's Mobile Pressure Wash to clean the outside of my two storeys house which was covered with dust and all sort of cobweb. He did an excellent job and within the time frame he quoted. I like the fact his business uses technology i.e google map to estimate the quote on the work being done. He is easy to contact through email or mobile phone and always reply quickly to inquiries. I highly recommend Mike's Mobile Pressure Wash for a good clean up and it will be done with professionalism.
  • Mike's Mobile Pressure Wash worked miracles on our house in Calgary. Ignored for years, the house got an amazing facelift thanks to MMPW! They even honoured their quote, despite the job taking longer than any of us anticipated. These guys are great to deal with and they will get all of our future business.
  • 5 star service with a smile! Mike and Leah came to my house a few days ago and did an extremely thorough job power washing our entire house. They were prompt yet relaxed, and made our siding look like new again! They even went the extra mile and sprayed down our deck, and also let us know a few tricks on how to deal with trouble spots. On top of all of that, they are genuinely kind and happy people! I'd recommend them to anyone. Great service! -Ty
  • Mike cleans all our storage doors and Uhaul Trucks on a regular basis. Thanks for doing such a thorough job!!!! -Eva, Space Place Self Storage
  • Amazing Service from Mike - Would absolutely recommend Mike's Mobile Pressure Wash to anyone. He is the friendliest most helpful guy with quality, top notch service and very reasonable rates. -Julie Madill

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Called Vision Streetwash, it is Eco-Advertising using only a Company Logo stencil, a pressure washer and water.  We also offer Projection Advertising Services.  Contact us for more details
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